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Here are 9 tips from the fashion stylists for a perfect outfit!


There are women who always look good and even in the simplest editions they look simply perfect.

These are the women who shade with their presence and who are definitely inevitable inspiration.

We will reveal to you what tricks they use to look like this.


Organized closet

A well-organized and tidy closet is the first step to a perfect outfit. This kind of closet will help you find which pieces of clothing work best for you. It’s the best to put the T-shirts and tops on the top shelf, pants and skirts on the underside, and hang the bags and shoes.

It would also be nice if you separated them by color and materials.


Follow the weather forecast

Weather app should be your best friend! And the best outfit can really look pretty funny if it doesn’t fit with the weather.

For this season you can choose some of the Elena Luka coats, which are on SALE -50% for whole October if you order them online.


Take enough time for your outfit

Not everyone has the talent to choose the right outfit in just 10 minutes. Try to get up earlier and invest more time in choosing your clothes.


Be creative

The secret of many supermodels is to know how to pair designer clothes with cheap clothes. Invest in a few fashion classics that will be easy to combine with different pieces of clothing later on.

Take a look on this Elena Luka black classic coat. 


Be attentive with the size of the clothes

When a woman looks beautiful in simple jeans or a blouse, it is only because she has chosen the right size. Pants 2 numbers smaller seem undesirable even to the super models.


A neat look


Wrinkles never look good on your face just like on your clothes. If you don’t want to iron your clothes, get yourself a steam iron that will always be on your hand and will save you a lot of time.


Correct choice of underwear

Lace underwear which is always visible under the skirt or the black underwear which is also visible under the white clothes is a huge mistake. The choice of underwear must always be properly selected.


Emergency clothing

In an emergency when you are in a hurry and do not have time to think of an outfit it  really will help you a simple choice of clothes, such as jeans, striped T-shirts and elegant suits with simple white blouse.

We suggest you this Elena Luka simple jeans. You can combine with THIS white shirt. 


Find inspiration

It doesn’t matter if you use Instagram or Pinterest – modern women always follow other modern women. Don’t copy someone’s style, just find inspiration and add your own stamp.