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It happens often to fall in love with a combination at first sight to buy it and when you get home to figure out that it’s just a big mistake.

You must admit that it is happening also to you. How many new clothes do you have that are still in the closet with the label and they have never worn?

No worries, because this miss even happens to the true professionals. For this reason, The American stylist Chen Rogin has developed a method that will easily insure you from a piece of clothes you never wear, called 3-7-14.


Rule 3

If you are really in love with a piece of clothing that you have just brought home, you usually show it to everyone. But if you do not wear it after 3 days it is very likely that you will not wear it even after that.

Rule number 7


It’s been a week and your new dress or blouse is still in the closet? Time to think about how smart your shopping was. In that case you are close to the stage where you will never wear that piece of clothing.


Rule 14

If after 14 days you still haven’t worn the  piece of clothing, it’s time to pack it and bring it back in the shop. So you will be in time to replace it for another piece or you will get your money back and you will be saved from another unsuccessful shopping.

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