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"Starry Sable" Gown

The "Starry Sable" gown from our Fall Winter Runway Collection is a celestial dreamscape materialized into couture. A testament to the night sky's mystic beauty, this gown is crafted for those who carry the cosmos within them.

Drenched in the deepest of blacks, this gown captures the essence of a starlit night. The bodice, adorned with shimmering sequins and beads, mimics the constellations that grace the heavens, leading to a skirt that flows like the velvet night sky. With each step, the wearer seems to dance with the stars themselves, leaving a trail of sparkling allure.

The "Starry Sable" gown is framed with feather-like embellishments that whisper of dark wings in motion, adding an otherworldly charm to the silhouette. It is a creation that speaks of midnight tales and enchanted evenings, where fashion meets fantasy.

ELENA LUKA invites you to embrace the night with the "Starry Sable" gown, where you become the embodiment of nocturnal beauty, leaving a lasting impression that, like the stars, will never fade.