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"Regal Amethyst" Gown

The "Moonlit Sonata" gown from our Fall Winter Runway Collection is a symphony of intricate detail and refined elegance, designed for the woman who is an embodiment of grace and sophistication.

Shimmering with the silvery glow of moonlight, this gown boasts an exquisitely embroidered bodice, with each thread spun from the night's own fabric. The delicate lace sleeves and high neckline suggest a romantic era gone by, while the hand-sewn beadwork scintillates like stars against an evening sky.

The skirt cascades in a fluid fall of lustrous satin, moving with poise and grandeur with each step. The color, a subtle silver-blue, reflects the gown's inspiration—the tranquil beauty of moonlight dancing on water. This gown is not just a dress; it is a wearable nocturne, an ode to the beauty of the night sky.

ELENA LUKA invites you to be draped in the celestial charm of the "Moonlit Sonata" gown, a garment destined to make every evening an event of ethereal allure.