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Fashion expert Carla Krupp shares some tips on how to achieve the perfect figure with а little help from the wardrobe.

The V is  your best friend

The V gives you the illusion of an elongated and slimmer body. The more skin you show in the area between the chin and the chest, the thinner you will look. This section visually gives balance to the wide hips. We suggest you this Elena Luka blouse. 


Peak salons

Peak salons will do the right thing. On high heels, every woman looks a few pounds slimmer. Thanks to them, the silhouette will look even longer and more elegant.


 Invest in a good bra

It may sound weird, but a good bra can really change the look of the figure, too. Many women are not even aware that they are wearing the wrong size. When you find the one that suits you perfectly, you’ll notice that you look a lot thinner.


A corset is always a good idea

Don’t be shy about investing in a good corset. It will make the silhouette look phenomenal.


Strategically choose your jewelry

Long necklaces gives length to the short neck and divert the attention from the hips and front center of the body.


Simple jeans or pants are always a great choice

If you want to look slimmer, the best choise is to choose jeans that do not have too much detail on them and which are in simple shape. Ideal choices are those in black.


Longer blazer

The sharp straight line of the blazer will cover the extra pounds. The length of the jacket under your hips will fit you perfectly. Take a look on this Elena Luka blazer. 


The choice of material is extremely important

Cotton, silk and wool will best cover the extra pounds.


Choose one color

Monochrome style will visually solidify each figure.


Be careful with the color of your shoes

If you wear a dress, your shoes should be beige, and if you choose black jeans, your shoes should be the same color. This will give the effect of a longer silhouette.