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Choosing the right model of jeans for women is a real nightmare sometimes. Since there are so many models, we reveal to you how to choose the right one.

Every body shape fits a different model of jeans.

Proper choice can narrow your hips, visually lengthen your legs and make you look much slimmer.

So, we will give you some tips to follow.


While trying them out, you should certainly try to sit down with them, bend and stretch. If there are a wrinkles under your waist or buttocks, you need either a smaller number or another model.

If you have larger curves, the jeans you wear should be high waisted so you can accentuate the curves but not in light color.

Long legs can be pointed with narrow jeans.

Highly positioned pockets visually lift the buttocks.

Selected denim is great for women who want to point the upper body.


Tips for short girls

It is advisable to wear low waist jeans.

Girls with a slender figure and long legs can usually wear any model, even the one with retro bells.

If you have a childlike body shape for you are the best mid-waist jeans that will make you a little bit bigger.

If you have a pear-shaped body – narrow shoulders and prominent hips – it’s best to wear low waist jeans.

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