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About Elena Luka

Elena Luka is a synonym for authentic, avant-garde and artistic fashion expression who created its own essential fashion mark, recognizable both on the home market and that of the global fashion business.

The vision for the Macedonian product with worldly design and quality, begun to establish itself in 2008 and in a relatively short period of time, the brand successfully positioned itself on the home fashion scene, and stands-out thanks to its completely professional team of inventive professionals and educated creative artists – tailors, modelers, designers, hand-work designers. Managers, marketing and sales agents, market researchers lead by one exceptionally ambitious lady who is one of the leading women-managers in Macedonia.

Elena Luka stared to tell a new and important story for the Macedonian fashion industry, which was essentially the realization of a long-standing analysis and strategy, but above all the sincere wish of General Manager Elena Pandeva to create a serious fashion platform that will satisfy the highest professional standards in fashion design. Since then, Elena Luka continuously creates twice-yearly seasonal show collections, and besides that regularly, daily creates new visions of the perfect fashion design.

What Our Custumers Says ?

The Elena Luka team is the best in the world. I am over-joyed and so pleased by the service and the people in the team, attentive, hardworking and professional.

Thank you for everything! YOU ARE THE BEST! Love you!

I am pleased with the collaboration I had with the team and the making of the gown for which I have only positive reviews.

Everything is great, I really like the pieces that I bought from your store and everyone is so kind.

We are pleased with the collaboration, we had a great time with the designers. Many praise to the whole fashion house Elena Luka.

I really enjoyed the whole process. A pleasant atmosphere with lots of good expert advice from the creators as well as from the entire staff. My dress is wonderful. Continue your work. I only wish you successes.